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For the Love of Art

I grew up in a starkly beautiful desert corner of Southern Utah, inspired by the wild flowers and red cliffs. I’ve always gravitated toward artistic and creative work, so it’s no surprise that I eventually became a graphic designer and marketing specialist. Hooray!

Designing for others has gifted me with a deep sense of artistic satisfaction, and it has also prepared me to design incredible tools and strategies for the next chapter of my life: the world of wellness. Because experiencing greater well-being is truly an art.

My Love of Wellness

Perhaps growing up in such a natural environment primed me to fall in love with nature. Whatever the reason, I’ve always reached for natural foods, spices and herbs to bring myself into balance.

Lucky for me, developing balanced and nourishing recipes from whole, natural foods that actually taste like a dream come true is an all out act of creative inspiration.

Watch for exciting new tools, tutorials and events to bring greater wellness into your life!

My Philosophy

Simplicity is key. And fun. Fun is also key. Making changes can actually have both of these qualities.

Making the decision to feel better can be much more fun and simple when you have the resources to transition smoothly and enjoyably.

Knowledge is power. I promise to bring you lots of learning so you can design your new lifestyle with simplicity and ease. The time is ripe for change!