Crafty DIY Valentines Ideas for Kids

DIY Valentines

Buying Valentines cards can be a drag. . . The pre-printed little cards seem so. . . so standard. I’m guilty of buying them on February 13th, scraping together what’s left on the supermarket shelf, but I do much prefer to do something creative – if I’m going to participate in a commercially based holiday about love, I’d prefer to put a little love into the celebration! In the past I have also printed my own Valentines cards for my daughter to bring to school – but here are some other great ideas for making Valentines that really get your creative juices flowing!

Mad Lib Valentines. I am simply mad about Mad Libs! I have a HUGE stash of these dating from high school so this idea seemed absolutely genius to me! Visit Design Mom’s blog to get the full description.

Mad Lib Valentines - from Design Mom, Gabrielle Stanley Blair

Scratch and Win Valentines. I’ve just discovered that I can make my own scratch off art – and I’m determined to give it a try. You can imagine my delight at finding these little bad boys!

Scratch and Win from Disney Family Fun

Valentines Fortunes. Cute, easy and cheap. And thanks to the Design Wash Rinse Repeat blog there is a freebie pattern to download too. Muchas Gracias!

Peony Pattern Wrap Around Labels and Valentines Wrap Around Labels from How Joyful. I LOVE this idea – gorgeous peony design, super cute Valentine design and both available as a printable freebie. What a great gift, thanks Joy!!

Peony Wrap Around Tags from How Joyful

Valentines Matchbox Treats from inchmark. What a fun little treasure box for kids! Cheap, cute and delicious too! These are the ones I want to make with  my kids – I’ll be sure to share how they turn out!

Matchbox valentines from inchmark

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